Professional Power Washing in Springtown, TX

Residential & Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Springtown, TX and the surrounding areas.

Springtown Residential Power Washing

Springtown residential power washing

The secret to keeping your home looking its best is maintenance. You clear gutters, and keep the grass mowed and the bushes trimmed. If the exterior of your home still isn’t looking as fresh as you’d like, it’s time to clean the house itself. Curb Appeal Power Wash has the right tools and the expertise to provide residential power washing safely, quickly, and efficiently. With our soft wash technology, we clean your home without damage to paint, siding, stone or landscaping. The result is a cleaner, healthier house that you’ll love to come home to!

Pressure Washing for your Whole Home

When you think of power washing, you probably think first about your home’s exterior. But that’s not the only surface that can benefit from a good cleaning. Many surfaces around your home begin to look older and dirtier with time.

  • Driveways – Restore your driveway’s original look and clean up oil stains with our pressure washing services.
  • Sidewalks and Patios – Remove dirt and debris and keep walking surfaces safe.
  • Fences – A good cleaning can restore the look of your wood fencing and prep it for painting or re-sealing.
  • Decks – Enjoy your outdoor space even more. Just like wood fencing, cleaning restores the look of your wood or composite decking. And if you want to re-stain, power washing is the perfect first step to prepare the surface.
  • Windows – Removing grime from your windows lets in more light and gives your home an overall clean appearance.

Commercial Power Washing in Springtown, TX

Springtown commercial power washing

Your business’ exterior is the first thing your clients or customers see. Make sure their first impression is a good one. Keep your storefront looking clean with regular commercial pressure washing services from Curb Appeal Power Wash. Just like other routine maintenance, pressure washing your exterior, windows and entrance areas should be done periodically to keep your business looking nice and keep walking surfaces safe and free of gum and debris that could pose a hazard.

Where Do You Do Business? More Places Than You Think.

Most businesses have other areas that directly affect their clients, customers or employees, especially as more businesses move to pick-up or drive-thru services. Employee break areas, outside service areas, loading docks and other high traffic surfaces can all benefit from regular power washing services. Here are just a few :

  • Drive-Thrus – For fast food restaurants, pharmacies and banks, the drive-thru is the storefront for many of your customers. Keep it looking clean.
  • Dumpster Pads – Maintaining a clean dumpster area helps with odors and keeps pests away.
  • Loading Areas – Tidy loading areas promote quicker, safer loading and unloading.
  • Playgrounds and Picnic Areas – Washing these areas periodically ensures their longevity, safety, and user appeal.

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